We are the Uber of Happiness

Happivibe is an online calling service that will make you & your loved ones happy with just one phone call!

Call Services

Celebratory Calls

As the name implies, it's a call made to anyone who's celebrating something. Wanna celebrate a loved one on their special day, or for any other special reason? This is the package! ๐Ÿ˜

Appreciatory Calls

This is the call we make on behalf of our clients to their loved ones to appreciate their loved ones for the big & little things they do for & mean to them. To make them happy, and help them know just how special they are to our clients.

Reachout Calls

Reach-out calls are made to cheer people up, encourage people, or help people see the need to keep keeping on. It's a call made to someone who's sick, lost a fortune or a loved one, or generally going through a rough phase.

Apology Calls

This call is made to reconcile people back together. It is made in a bid to settle the differences between you and whoever you might have had an issue with and ultimately reunite both parties again.

Self-Love Calls

This is a call you book for your own self. Say you are going through a rough patch, or need cheering up, this is a call we'd make to you to simply make you feel good, reassurred and happy again.

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Why Trust Us

We are fast and reliable.

We are very affordable.

We are available 24/7.

We take confidentiality very seriously and will make sure the data you provide is adequately secured.

We make you feel different when we call you.

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